Consignment Program and Local Author Events


Consignment Program and Local Author Events


R.J. Julia Booksellers supports local and/or self-published authors and we take pride in their success. For more than 20 years we have been proud to present a variety of high-caliber events and host more than 350 events each year.

In addition, our consignment program allows us to carry and feature a much wider variety of self-published and print-on-demand titles than we could through traditional purchasing.

With these goals in mind, R.J. Julia has partnered with the American Authors and Publishers Guild (AAPG).  AAPG is a non-profit alliance of authors and publishers and related professionals working together to develop and promote quality books, encourage reading in the community, and raise awareness of the availability and depth of literary talent of their membership.

AAPG assists R.J. Julia Booksellers in screening authors, reviewing a variety of works, and awarding the APPG Seal of Excellence when appropriate.  R.J. Julia is grateful for their assistance with consignment and author event decisions, thus ensuring that both AAPG and R.J. Julia Booksellers maintain quality levels of authorship.

All consignment and author event requests must be submitted to AAPG.

Please visit their website for details:

American Authors and Publishers Guild