Dear Reader

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Dear Reader,


Let's change the world for a deserving book at a time.  


It's hard to fathom but in low-income neighborhoods, there is an average of one book for every 300 children (as opposed to 13 books per child in middle to upper-income households). That's a sobering statistic.  As a result, these children entering kindergarten hear an average of 30 million fewer words than their more affluent counterparts--giving them a severe disadvantage when starting school. And this lack of reading skills has a domino affect:

  • 50% of children who do not have pre-literacy skills when they start kindergarten will not be proficient by 4th grade.
  • Children with low literacy skills in 4th grade are at greatest risk of not graduating high school.
  • 43% of people with low literacy skills live in poverty.
  • 70% of people with low literacy levels don't have a full-time job
  • 85% of all juvenile offenders have trouble reading. 

Fortunately we can make a difference.  Read-to-Grow is a statewide non-profit dedicated to improving literacy amongst Connecticut's disadvantaged youth. Read to Grow distributes approximately 150,000 books each year to various schools, families, food banks and more. Throughout the year, the organization collects gently used books for children of all age groups; but there is an acute need for specific types of books that are new and not generally available as used books.


Here's where you can help.  Read to Grow needs more books. We have their specific list of books set aside to take the guesswork out of what books to donate.  To motivate you, we'd like to offer you 20% off each copy you donate. For example, they requested Global Baby: Girls and Global Baby: Boys.  Each copy is $6.95.  Purchasing ten of these books would normally cost $69.50.  With the discount the total is only $55.60. You save and the children learn to read!  Or, if you prefer, you can make a monetary donation and we will choose and purchase the books for you. Remember, the more books donated, the greater the impact on families. You can get this done by phone by calling Kaley DeGoursey at 203 245-3959, come into the store, or email me at and I'll be happy to be of assistance.    


Lets make a difference and help a child experience a bedtime story for the first time...enjoy the thrill of reading to their parents and grandparents...know what it's like to love a book that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Let's help create a world where reading is something that every child can experience at an early age to help them achieve their fullest life.


We can change the world. One book at a time, thanks to your generosity.


As Dr. Seuss says, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."  


Many thanks.   


See you in the store,



Roxanne J. Coady

P.S. To learn more about Read to Grow or to make a donation directly to the organization, please visit