Dear Reader

Every month, Roxanne's Dear Reader talks about the books she is most excited about, authors coming to the store who she can't wait to meet, and anything else that is on her mind.






Dear Reader,


Let's forget that it's only 7 degrees outside and plan something fun -- like getting together this Sunday afternoon with the remarkable Betty Halbreich. She's spent a lifetime making a ton of movie stars and socialites -- and women like you and me -- find their true selves, one sheath, jacket and scarf at a time, and she discusses it all in her new book  I'll Drink to That.   


Betty Halbreich is the legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman and has been for close to forty years -- so get ready for a lot of gossip -- and she's also elegant, irreverently funny and as unpretentious as they come. She also happens to be 86 years old though you would never know it and I hope to have half her exuberance when I'm her age.


I can't wait to hear Betty share her life's journey with us and offer us fashion advice as only Betty can. In fact, she's more therapist, mother, and best friend than a personal shopper to many of her clients. Once you meet her, you'll believe you've known her your whole life, she does that to people. Knowing her today you'd never guess that she hit rock bottom after a messy divorce, prompting her to begin working at Bergdorf -- a move that would transform her life and that of countless others.


Getting together will be the perfect way to start the New Year and I hope you'll join us. The event is free, please sign up here. 


See you in the store,  


Roxanne J. Coady


P.S. Somehow I haven't read Louise Erdrich lately, although her first book Love Medicine, still resonates with me. I found a copy of The Round House lying around, started reading it -- and couldn't put it down. If you're not familiar with Erdrich, I highly recommend you get acquainted with her as soon as possible. 


P.P.S. Carlene, our gift buyer, magically brought in something I've been looking for. It's an adorable overnight/weekend bag with the wheels -- it's lightweight, inexpensive, vegan leather and pretty damn perfect.  I think I'm going to have to plan more weekend getaways asap.