Espresso Book Machine

Did you happen to write The Next Great American Novel? Compiled a cookbook of family recipes to pass down along the generations? For 22 years, R.J. Julia Booksellers has been here to connect readers with books; but now, thanks to our brand new Espresso Book Machine, we can help to connect aspiring authors, as well.


In minutes, you can turn your work into an attractive, high-quality, bounded paperback book to keep or give out to your loved ones. It's your opportunity to self-publish your new novel, comic book, or complete family history into actual books that look just like those from the bigger publishing houses. Self-publishing your own material your way gives you the ability to decide how you want your book to look and to whom you'd like to give it. In addition, through its EspressNet® digital catalog of content, over 7 million in-copyright and public domain titles are available on the network for purchase allowing R.J. Julia to suggest and sell more titles to you without the extra inventory. Call or stop by the store for more information, or email