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Quick, can you name a word or phrase that meets the following criteria?

  • Must be the name of a movie
  • Must have exactly four syllables
  • Must contain the letter E

If you shouted out "Empire Strikes Back," well, you'd be wrong. The movie's title is "The Empire Strikes Back," which is five syllables. But if this sort of wordplay and rules-lawyering is your cup a tea (a phrase that would work for "A type of food," "Has more than 10 letters," and "Begins with the letter Y"), then you simply need to play Quicktionary!

It's a fast-paced casual card game for word lovers and anyone who loves to think on their feet. Simple to learn, with nearly endless possibilities, this free-for-all game is a fun addition to any game night. Win by thinking fast and being the first person to shout out a word or phrase that meets the criteria on three cards - and being right, of course!

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