Signed "The Short-Cut Cook"


Jacques Pépin, America's favorite French chef, makes your cooking easier with 150 timesaving recipes.

  • Make crackers by spritzing wonton wrappers with oil and bake until golden.

  • Use frozen butternut squash for quick soup.

  • Freeze salmon and cream cheese appetizer rollups for easy slicing.

  • Prepare cheese straws appetizers with frozen puff pastry.

  • Need an elegant entrÉe in record time?

  • Saute pork cutlets with prunes and steak sauce.

  • Spoon a rich-tasting sauce of wine, ketchup, and mustard over grilled steak

  • Mix melted chocolate with whipped cream for quick chocolate mousse.

  • Fill a store-bought, hollowed-out pound cake with quick food processor lemon buttercream.

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