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1.25.18 Newsletter

January 25, 2018

A Note from Andrew, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

It's hard to call anything “hot” at this time of year, but we know a few popular books that may be the only thing in New England to qualify! 

To start, unless you’ve been under a snow bank for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard the hullabaloo over Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. At long last, the publisher has caught up with demand and we have in stock the media’s most talked about book in quite some time! 

Hoping to curl up with more than one book this winter or looking for something fictional? Our most recent favorites are listed below and, of course, we are always excited to share more of our favorites when you visit us at the store.

Stuck indoors? Take a peek at our Staff Suggestions online, too! 

Without further ado, here are the books we consider the best of 2018 (so far).

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden 

by Denis Johnson

Johnson captures the essence of drifters and outcasts perfectly. A master storyteller, he has a way of pulling you in and completely immersing you in the tales he is telling.

 Read Mandy's review.


The Immortalists 

by Chloe Benjamin

Ambitiously plotted, this novel poignantly deals with the complicated dynamics of guilt, grief, love, and life as four siblings diverge after a fortune teller predicts their deaths. 

Read Kelly's review.


The Music Shop 

by Rachel Joyce

An entrancing tale filled with eccentrics, mystery, doubt, and faith, then set to music (on vinyl of course). The author takes themes of humanity and redemption and fits them neatly into a London record store.

 Read Sharon's review.


The Stowaway 

by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

A good old-fashioned tale of adventure! Exciting, charming, and funny, it is both an engrossing portrait of a young man hellbent on living a life of adventure and an examination of a transformative time in American history.

 Read Brian's review.



A Note from Susan, Writer and Bookseller at RJ Julia Booksellers:

Now that winter has set in, isn't it lovely to snuggle into your favorite armchair and have a good, long read? With all the snow days happening, there are plenty of opportunities!

Many new releases happen in January that you don't want to miss. Stock up before the next snowstorm hits! Then, while the icy winds howl outside, enjoy spending time indoors with your kids, sipping hot cocoa and reading a brand new book. 

Ages 0 - 3


One Special Day 

by Lola M. Schaefer, illustrated by Jessica Meserve

Spencer is strong, fast and loud; and then he is quiet and gentle... because Spencer has become a brother! A great book for families expecting their second child.

- Susan



You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses 

by Taeeun Yoo

An adorable way to introduce your little one to yoga. Basic poses are taught as your child guesses what animal they are immitating. I love this book!

- Karen



Ages 3 - 5


Woolly and Me 

by Quentin Greban

Inviting illustrations and spare text tell a gentle story of a child’s love for their favorite companion. Everyone should be so lucky to have someone like Woolly in their lives!

- Susan



Poppy, Buttercup, Bluebell & Dandy

by Fiona Woodcock

Determined wildflowers fill the gray, dull park with color and wonder. Supplied with skateboards and parachutes, these friends are on an adventure to bring nature back!

- Lindsay



Ages 6 - 8



Peter Powers and the Sinister Snowman Showdown!

by Kent Clark and Brandon T. Snider

Filled with humor similar to Dog Man andCaptain Underpantsthis series is great for 8-year-olds who will soon be merging into middle grade novels.

- Susan


Princess Pulverizer: Grilled Cheese and Dragons 

by Nancy Krulik, illustrated by Ben Balistreri

Princess Pulverizer (AKA Princess Serena) wants to be a knight! But her father will allow it only if she completes eight good deeds.This book is an action packed adventure for early chapter book readers!

- Lindsay


Ages 8 - 12


The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle 

by Leslie Connor

A moving, and at times heartbreaking, story with unique characters that are so alive, so real, they spring right off the page.

Read Susan's review. 



Winterhouse by Ben Guterson, illustrated by Chloe Bristol

Elizabeth Somers thinks her vacation at Winterhouse Hotel will be terrible. Surprisingly, Elizabeth realizes she wants to stay there—always. Wonderful illustrations and fun word play! 

Read 10-year-old Lucy's review. 



Ages 12+

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Set in a world that’ll sweep you off your feet with characters that will have you laughing, crying, and cursing death, this amazing book should’ve been called, “The Cruel Queen.” I’ve got a new book to add to my list of favorite fantasies!

Read 15-year-old Gab's review.



Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Follow Androma, a captain known as the notorious Bloody Baroness, and her crew of the fiercest women in the galaxy as they get caught in space battles, prison breaks, and more. This non-stop story had me hooked from start to finish! 

Read 16-year-old Bridey's review. 

Puzzle Your Winter Away

Brighten a cold winter day with a colorful puzzle! 

Whether you enjoy 350-piece sets that are "easy to pick and place," or prefer 1000-piece puzzles, we have a wide variety of designs perfect for staying both challenged and entertained on your next day indoors! 

We're delighted to host a gathering of booklovers on a weekly basis and our book clubs are always excited to welcome new members! Learn more about book clubs here and see what they are reading this month!