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2.8.18 Newsletter

A Note from Andrew, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

When snow is on the ground, love is in the air!

While we may not necessarily get warmth from the weather, we should all seek out that cozy, fuzzy, interior warmth we deserve. Time with those we love is the best way to beat the chill, but winter is also the perfect time to curl up with some of these Valentine appropriate books. 

Handmade Origami Valentines, dating advice from a local, and what could be the first big novel of the year make up just a few of our favorite February picks. We also have some of the best chocolate in town. Never forget my tried and true Valentine’s Day formula: Book + Chocolate = Happy! 

An American Marriage 

by Tayari Jones

Oprah's latest Book Club pick!

With piercingly sharp insight, this novel explores the evolving limitations of love and loyalty, and the heartbreak and pain that can be caused even when nobody bears any particular fault. A tremendous work of literature. 

Read Kelly's review.


Origami Love Notes Kit

Start giving handmade love notes to your sweetie on Valentine's Day... then continue all year long with this fun, romantic kit! Full-color instructions make folding easy and declarations of love are always in style. 

- Lindsey



Still Me 

by Jojo Moyes

In the second follow up to Me Before You, Louisa Clark heads to New York City to start a new life, confident that she can embrace this adventure and keep her relationship with Sam alive long distance. Signed copies are available while supplies last! 

- Andrew



I Wrote This Book Because I Love You 

by Tim Kreider

Often compared to David Sedaris, essayist Tim Kreider turns his focus to love, relationships, and why they’re so bafflingly hard to get right.

- Andrew



My Foolish Heart: A Pop-Up Book of Love 

by Nick Bantock

Writer and artist Nick Bantock has been one of my favorites since the groundbreaking sensation that is the Griffin & Sabine series. Not surprisingly, he has also created the sweetest little pop-up book I’ve ever seen. Love has many faces.

- Andrew


What To Do When Jane Knows Dick About Dating 

by Laura J. Wellington

Single on Valentine's Day? Don't despair! We're celebrating Singles Awareness Day at Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore! Author Laura J. Wellington will discuss her book on 2/14 at 7pm.

Learn more!

A Note from Jamie, RJ Julia's Kids' Book Buyer:

Hugs are powerful! They can transform an ordinary day. Simple, free, and available 24/7, hugs are the perfect way to spread love on Valentine’s Day.

Hug your kids, even the teens, because they want one. Sort of. It might be a little prickly, but still, they do. Then, collect hugs—they store well and take up no room at all! Start your collection today by hugging one of the books below!

Ages 0 - 3

Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar 

by Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper

Our favorite new board book, paired with a cute hedgehog plush, makes the perfect valentine gift for little ones!

– Jamie



Hug Machine 

by Scott Campbell

Ok, maybe we have two favorite new board books! This little guy can’t help but hug everyone and everything until he is exhausted….could he need a hug too?

- Jamie


Ages 3 - 5



by Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Loren Long

Signed copies of this beautifully illustrated book are going quickly!Love follows the growth of a child in a simple but evocative way that will stay with you for a long time!

- Jamie


The Word Collector 

by Peter H. Reynolds

From the author of The Dot, comes the story of a quiet hero for turbulent times. Jerome collects words and his collection makes him happy. But what will happen when the wind carries his collection away? This book makes me happy!



Ages 8 - 12


Smart Cookie 

by Elly Swartz

A mixture of mystery, comedy and ghost story, this book is full of love and family. A great heartwarming read perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

Read Lindsay's review.



My So-Called Superpowers 

by Heather Nuhfer

This quirky novel shows how someone’s emotions can really come to life! A humorous read for kids trying to understand and deal with their emotions. 

Read Lindsay's review.



Ages 12+


The Hazel Wood 

by Melissa Albert

This book is so good. Dark and disturbing fairy tales abound in this story of a girl and her mother, constantly on the run from "bad luck" that follows them. The Hazel Wood is one of the most unique fairy tale inspired books I've read. 

Read Lindsey's review.



Love, Hate and Other Filters 

by Samira Ahmed

A timely work that has received heaps of praise! Dealing with the unique circumstances faced by Muslim Americans, as well as the universal challenges of teenage love and life, Ahmed's book is an insightful and poignant read. 

Read Kelly's review.

Gifts for All Your Valentines

Valentine's Day is just days away! 

Whether you are gifting to "her" or "him," we have
everything you need to make this Valentine's Day a special one!

Delicious gourmet chocolates, elegant jewelry,
beautiful shaving necessities, and, of course sentimental
and romantic books, are ready to be wrapped for that special someone.