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Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual Healing

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Take the Holistic Approach

to Health and Well-Being

Chakras are your body's spiritual centers of vibrant, healing energy. The Little Book of Chakras explains the seven major chakras, how to awaken them, and how to channel their energy for optimum health and well-being. The sections on crystals and essential oils show further ways of boosting vitality and cleansing mind, body, and spirit.

Magical energies permeate everything in nature, including ourselves. In The Little Book of Spells, you'll learn how the days of the week, weather patterns, and the moon’s phases can influence and enhance your magic abilities. Find out how to tap into the rhythms and infinite power of the natural world by uncovering the unique properties of natural ingredients – from herbs, flowers, and seeds, to incense and crystals – and how to use them to create spells for every day and any occasion.

The Little Book of Zodiac will help you discover how to interpret your star sign and reveal a deeper understanding of yourself and others with the power of astrology. Learn ways to interpret your birth chart and how your star sign can tell you about your character traits. Let this book shine a light on your past, present, and future, and reveal a deeper understanding of your celestial outlook.

Go and make magic!