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To join, please fill out the form and at the bottom submit a review of your favorite book. These reviews are easy to do: In one to five sentences, clearly state what the book is about and the genre (mystery, adventure, realistic fiction, sci fi, fantasy, etc.). Then say why you loved the story. This is the part where you can get creative! Write it like you are telling a friend about the book and you want them to read it too. If it reminds you of another book you read, include that too. Be sure to include title and author!

Once you are officially signed up, you will be allowed to check out one book at a time. When you finish it, you must submit a review. You set the pace of how much reading you want to do. One month you may only have time to read one ARC. Another month you may have the time to read five. It’s totally up to you and your schedule. Remember: this is meant to be FUN & there is no pressure!