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What to do/what not to do when writing shelf talkers!


  • Tell us why you liked the book! Use “I” when explaining it.
  • Make the shelf talker sound conversational. What would you say to a friend?
  • Tell us why others should read it. What made you want to recommend it to others?
  • Say what makes it different from other books you have read.
  • Let your voice and personality shine through!
  • Keep is short! 3 sentences should be enough.


  • Don’t tell us too much about the story and plot. We want to know what YOU thought of it.
  • Be careful of the amount of adjectives (amazing, beautiful, wonderful) used in your shelf talker.



The Third Mushroom by Jennifer Holm

What an amazing sequel to The Fourteenth Goldfish. I loved how funny and detailed it was. I recommend this book to people who enjoy humor, unexpected surprises and the world of science. Fans of Holm's other books are sure to love this one as well. - ARC REVIEWER Annika L., age 11

Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams

How easy it is to hate a part of you you're born with, that you cannot change! This poignant story of learning to love yourself and forgive your family will have you cheering at the end! Great for older middle grade into music, theater, and social work. - Lindsay

Squirm by Carl Hiaasen

Billy Dickens is the kind of quiet, take charge guy I want to hang out with. Even though he's a little nuts- well okay, VERY nuts - he always does the right thing. For Stuart Gibbs/Gordon Korman fans who'd like even more humor sprinkled in. - Jamie


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