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Beautiful Birds Bundle

beautiful birds bundleBird-watch from the comfort of your backyard!

By gardening sustainably, you can make a considerable difference to the wildlife populations in your immediate area, as well as in the country as a whole. While some birds are residents we'll see from day to day, others are fleeting visitors - but they're all potential guests in our gardens if we make the environment suitably welcoming.

Planting for Garden Birds is aimed at the keen amateur gardener and those hoping to take their knowledge and experience to the next level. Packed with interesting facts, environmental and habitat information as well as easy to achieve planting ideas, this is a practical, illustrated guide for people wanting to encourage more birdlife to their outdoor space. Find straightforward ideas and easy to achieve plans that will make your garden irresistible to birds.

Remember the idyllic summer fun of a tire swing hanging from a big oak in the backyard? Let your neighborhood birds experience the same joy while eating the seed you've left for them with the Swing Time Bird Feeder. Ceramic tire is supplied complete with a hanging rope.

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