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How to Stay Safe Online: A digital self-care toolkit for developing resilience and allyship (Paperback)

How to Stay Safe Online: A digital self-care toolkit for developing resilience and allyship By Seyi Akiwowo Cover Image
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A powerful, comprehensive guide for digital self-care and allyship from a leading activist for online equality

Digital spaces are a positive force for change, connection and community, but left unregulated, they are not always safe.Globally, women are 27 times more likely than men to be harassed online. This is worse for Black women who are 84% more likely to face online abuse than white women. There has been a 71% rise in online disability abuse and 78% of LGBTQ+ people have experienced hate speech online.

How to Stay Safe Online will teach you how to spot, respond to and proactively defend yourself from online abuse and learn how to be a good ally to those experiencing it. An urgent and necessary digital self-care tool, this book will help you to support victims and empower friends, teachers, parents and willing allies to help make online spaces safer.

With a blend of practical advice, Seyi's personal experiences and interviews with Jameela Jamil, Hera Hussain, Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin, Laura Bates, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Luciana Berger, How to Stay Safe Online will:
  • Provide practical tips on how to confidently navigate online spaces
  • Equip you with a range of responses to online abuse and how to effectively report
  • Teach you how to set boundaries and use the internet as a force for good
  • Help you create your own digital self-care plan
  • Provide information for employers, the media, parents, teachers, tech companies and government on their role in online safety and easy recommendations.

This will be the go-to guide to developing resilience, greater compassion for others and authentic allyship online.

About the Author

Seyi Akiwowo is the Founder of Glitch!, a UK charity making digital spaces safe for all by ending online abuse.

Before setting up Glitch, Seyi was elected as the youngest Black female councillor in East London at age 23. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Seyi spoke on 'Fixing the Glitch' at TedXLondon in 2019 and appeared on Wired's front cover as their top Changemaker of 2021.

Praise For…

'I wish the Internet was a safer place, but until that day comes, this helpful book is a crucial companion. How wonderful to have Seyi on our side as we navigate through the stormy seas of the online world which she, sadly, knows all too well. The brilliant tools in this book will help you set better boundaries, protect your mental health, be a better digital citizen, and in general look after ourselves and each other' -- Emma Gannon, author, Sabotage: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

'Seyi Akiwowo is a force of nature and this book is a godsend. She exposes the depth and urgency of the online abuse crisis, explores the hypocrisy and inefficacy of tech companies and government, and explains what readers can do to improve their online lives. Accessible, empowering and potentially life-changing, this is a book everyone should read' -- Laura Bates, feminist activist and author of Girl Up

'Digital self care is critical to mental health and Seyi has written a thought provoking and highly practical guide to living a happier and safer life online and off. Millions of people have been victims of online abuse and I am so inspired and grateful to Seyi and her work for ensuring no one feels alone. Her mission is one that affects us all and this book is one of the most important topics of our generation' -- Poppy Jamie, author, Happy Not Perfect

'Seyi Akiwowo's work to make the online world safer, especially for Black women, is not only powerful, it's necessary' -- Nova Reid, Anti-racism activist and author of 'The Good Ally'

'Seyi Akiwowo's book is the need-to-know, must-have and barrier breaking book on fighting online abuse that everyone must have a copy of. This book is the knowledge that gives you power. It is conversational, current and relevant. Seyi talks you through it like she's right there with you - letting you know that you are not alone' -- Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

'Seyi Akiwowo has been at the forefront of campaigning for more intentional social media usage throughout the years, and this book highlights the various ways one goes about doing that. It is the first book of its kind to highlight how we go about being safe online as well as providing the nuance required of minoritised and marginalised people's experience of the internet. This is essential reading for the times we live in' -- Kelechi Okafor Actor Director Podcaster Writer

'This book needed to be written and thankfully it finally has. Seyi's experience, and those of countless others, are full of valuable lessons for keeping us safe and empowered online' -- Kajal Odedra. Author of Do Something: Activism for Everyone

'Such a relevant, thoughtful and practical book which has important lessons for us all whilst we learn to navigate this digital world' -- Natalie Evans, co-founder of Everyday Racism and co-author of The Mixed Race Experience

'I loved this! Such a powerful personal story, and actually doable practical advice. Social media can be like the Wild West for women, so we need strategies and boundaries to protect ourselves. Seyi Akiwowo's book is an indispensable handbook for being online in a way that is safe, intentional and - importantly - fun!' -- Rosamund Dean, journalist and author of Mindful Drinking

'A book written from the front line of life online - heartfelt, heart-breaking, practical, brilliant' -- Richard Curtis, Writer, Director, United Nations SDG Advocate

'A clever and timely toolkit, Seyi is brilliantly leading the charge in navigating vital conversations around online abuse and digital self-care. This book is both honest and practical, offering wisdom we should all put into practice right now!' -- Amika George

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