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The Corazon Treasure: An Ozarks Adventure for Lost Souls and Spanish Silver (Hardcover)

The Corazon Treasure: An Ozarks Adventure for Lost Souls and Spanish Silver By Kory Umlauf Cover Image
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The resounding spirit deep in everyone's soul searches for an everlasting loyal love in life Our map is guided by what we're taught early in our search for a significant place and purpose in the world. The treasure we seek is the same, but the trail we take in our search is often blocked by unintended obstacles. Some find their treasure early, others much later and many like me are still trekking through a very long adventure that has aged us with great pains and dashes of wonderful wisdom. Whatever our place, we keep pushing forward with hope up an incredibly huge mountain with tested and determined faith that there will be a beautiful valley view just ahead where we can finally rest our weary heads.

The Corazon Treasure is a heart filled story about how parental influence and the discovery of learning about our Heavenly Father's love has a great effect on our character and the adventures we trek through and endure in life. Filled with mountains of real truths, local history and some fun folklore a team of young friends find themselves on many wild and wonderful rides through the Ozarks in a search for a secret treasure. With great purpose and passion they pursue challenges in honesty and integrity learning with curious minds the incredible value of wisdom and the truth that real love can easily be found for those with open hearts The Corazon Treasure will make the young aspire to be great and the mature rekindle their innocent faith of yesteryear. Leaving the wonderful questions; What would you do with wealth beyond your wildest dreams and immortality against death forever? Is the treasure still out there to be found? Will reading this story give you clues to be the next one who finds it?

Let the adventure begin

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ISBN: 9780578821535
ISBN-10: 0578821532
Publisher: Provision Mapping LLC
Publication Date: January 20th, 2021
Pages: 132
Language: English