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Field Guide to the Grasses of Oregon and Washington (Paperback)

Field Guide to the Grasses of Oregon and Washington By Ms. Cindy Talbott Roché, Richard Brainerd, Barbara L. Wilson, Nick Otting, Robert C. Korfhage Cover Image
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Field Guide to the Grasses of Oregon and Washington is an illustrated guide to all 376 species, subspecies, and varieties of grasses—both native and introduced—that grow wild in Oregon and Washington. It also has broad applicability in neighboring states and provinces. Grasses are important functional components in a variety of ecosystems and are highly valued for habitat restoration in numerous habitats, ranging from wetlands to deserts, and from sea level to alpine. They are important weeds and are also cultivated as ornamentals. This guide covers the entire spectrum of grasses from weedy invaders to rare native species.

Identifying grasses can be challenging. The grass family is one of the most diverse plant families in the region, and differences between species can be both subtle and minute. This guide provides identification keys, species descriptions, photographs of each species (both in the field and through a microscope), habitats, and range maps. Users will especially appreciate the macrophotographs that illustrate hard-to-see, diagnostic features.

Biologists, land managers, botanists, and consultants, as well as plant professionals, home gardeners, and amateur plant enthusiasts, will find this guide an indispensable reference for identifying all the grasses they encounter in the diverse habitats of Oregon and Washington.

About the Author

Cindy Talbott Roché illustrated grasses for the Flora of North America and has taught grass workshops; her experience with grasses spans both states over four decades.

Richard E. Brainerd has been a botanical consultant in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years specializing in rare plants, weeds, wetlands, and difficult to identify plant groups such as grasses and sedges.

Barbara L. Wilson holds a PhD from Oregon State University. A founding member of the Carex Working Group, she has taught sedge and grass identification workshops for many years.

Nick Otting has a passion for discovering grasses in new locations; he ranges throughout the Northwest, but particularly loves the flora of the shrub-steppe and the mountains east of the Cascades.

Robert C. Korfhage received his MS from Washington State University in range and wildlife ecology. He captured many of the images and edited all of the photos for the field guide.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780870719592
ISBN-10: 0870719599
Publisher: Oregon State University Press
Publication Date: July 19th, 2019
Pages: 488
Language: English