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Happy Endings (Paperback)

Happy Endings By Margaret Logan Cover Image
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Why are we doing this? To say we have, or to prove we can? With that thought in mind, Margaret Logan, 40, decides to take her 17-year-old daughter to Paris. From there, they would ride their ten-speed bicycles to Rome, crossing the Alps en route. A daunting task, to be certain. But what is more daunting-crossing the Alps on bicycle or challenging a teenager's narrow values and materialistic ambitions? Happy Endings is the true story of a mother, a daughter, and their journey of discovery. Their 1,800-mile route takes them deep into the Old World, where the tangible history and romance of France, Switzerland, and Italy is often tempered by the retrograde behavior of some European men. Twenty years after its original release, Happy Endings remains fresh and contemporary, with timeless insights into the relationship between mothers and daughters and traveling in a foreign land. The new Anacus Press edition contains an epilogue by Margaret Logan that sheds new light on the story. Intriguingly, her daughter is now the same age that Logan was during the journey. Did her daughter ultimately opt for ocean frontage and a BMW, or did she learn that there is more to life than worldly possessions?

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ISBN: 9780933855199
ISBN-10: 0933855192
Publisher: Anacus Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 1999
Pages: 200
Language: English