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Explorations in Consciousness: A New Approach to Out-Of-Body Experiences (Paperback)

Explorations in Consciousness: A New Approach to Out-Of-Body Experiences By Frederick Aardema Cover Image
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In Explorations in Consciousness, Frederick Aardema, a clinical researcher, provides a profound, in-depth account of the out-of-body experience, during which the explorer of consciousness is able to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

In his quest for knowledge, the author seamlessly weaves in his own travels into different fields of consciousness. These include experiences in the personal field, where he is confronted with the constructs of his own psyche, as well as visitations to collective fields of consciousness that appear to have an independent existence beyond the eye of the beholder.

Highly original and groundbreaking, Explorations in Consciousness presents a model of reality in which nothing can ever be taken for granted. It proposes that consciousness is embedded within a wider field of possibilities that become real depending on our interaction with the world around us.

Regardless of what you believe about the out-of-body state, this book will challenge and excite you to become an explorer of consciousness. It provides you with all the tools you need for your own journey.

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ISBN: 9780987911902
ISBN-10: 0987911902
Publisher: Mount Royal Publishing
Publication Date: April 29th, 2012
Pages: 342
Language: English