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Oracles of Delphi: A Novel of Suspense (An Althaia of Athens Mystery #1) (Paperback)

Oracles of Delphi: A Novel of Suspense (An Althaia of Athens Mystery #1) Cover Image
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All Althaia wants on her trip to Delphi is to fulfill her father's last wish and enjoy time away from her tiresome new husband. Finding the body of a young woman on the altar of Dionysos in the theater of the Sacred Precinct on her first day in town is not in her plans. Neither is getting involved in the search for the killer, falling for the son of a famous priestess, or getting pulled into the ancient struggle for control of the two most powerful oracles in the world. But that's exactly what happens when Theron, Althaia's tutor and a man with a reputation for finding the truth, is asked to investigate. When a priest hints that Theron himself may be involved, Althaia is certain the old man is crazy-until Nikomachos, son of the famous priestess of Dodona, arrives with an urgent message. As Theron's past, greedy priests, paranoid priestesses, visions, prophecies, and stolen treasures complicate the investigation, Althaia finds herself falling for Nikomachos whose dangerous secrets may hold the key to the young woman's death.When another body is found and Althaia discovers Nikomachos is being blackmailed, she devises a plan to coerce the killer to reveal himself and, in the process, forces Nikomachos to confront his own past. As the plan unfolds, she comes to realize that love often comes at a high price and that the true meaning of family is more than a blood bond.

About the Author

Writing under the pen name Marie Savage, Kristina Makansi is a life-long armchair archaeologist obsessed with the ancient world. Captivated by the beauty of Delphi, she outlined Oracles of Delphi while flying home from one of her visits to Greece. Kristina is the co-founder of Blank Slate Press, Treehouse Author Services, and is on the board of the Saint Louis Literary Consortium and Missouri Center for the Book. She's also the co-author of the THE SOWING, the first in a sci-fi YA trilogy.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780989207935
ISBN-10: 0989207935
Publisher: Blank Slate Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2014
Pages: 324
Language: English
Series: An Althaia of Athens Mystery