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Wild Heart (Paperback)

Wild Heart By Lacy Chantell Cover Image
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Marni has a successful career, beautiful apartment, and a great friend in the city she now calls home. Yet, when her best friend sends her pictures of a wild band of mustangs she saved from being slaughtered, she finds herself being pulled back to the life she was ripped away from at eighteen. Ghosts of her past haunt her. Flashbacks throw her into crippling fear. Can she save the wild stallion, or will he save her?

Connor came home to run the family ranch after his tour in Afghanistan. He never dreamed of the cowboy life, in fact growing up he watched his sister compete at the local rodeos and have the chance to go pro. He always admired the teamwork of her and her horse. When her best friend's mother whisked her teammate away overnight her pro rodeo dreams came to an end. When she reappears after ten years the emotions he had for the spirited woman resurface.

Their traumas have warped them both and a mix of physical and mental scars make them unrecognizable to one another. Will time be on their side, or will Marni once again leave him behind?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088090541
ISBN-10: 1088090540
Publisher: Lacy Chantell
Publication Date: April 7th, 2023
Pages: 270
Language: English