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Teen Justice: Justice Has a Curfew--Book One (Paperback)

Teen Justice: Justice Has a Curfew--Book One By Ca Gordon Cover Image
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Debut author C.A. Gordon is thrilled to present the explosive first entry in the TEEN JUSTICE series: Justice Has a Curfew-Book One This series is a guaranteed breath of fresh air in the currently oversaturated YA sci-fi/fantasy reader market.

TEEN JUSTICE: Justice Has a Curfew-Book One is a dynamic, innovative novel that chronicles the adventures of five ordinary teenagers as they navigate the perils of adolescence in a world recovering from a crisis born from one man's act of revenge. Incidentally, they also have superpowers. The story seamlessly blends action with the classic elements of young adult drama, romance, and humor, all wrapped up in a veneer of escapist fantasy. These kids aren't trying to save the world-they just want to avoid being grounded.

Curfew-Book One introduces readers to the titular Teens at the culmination of their first adventure. The story unfolds from the beginning, establishing the world of Silver City, CA, and the chaotic events that alter it and its residents forever. It also lays down an important ground rule: This is not a simple story about people who develop powers and become superheroes. It's about people who become heroes despite having powers that are perceived to make them super.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088163511
ISBN-10: 1088163513
Publisher: CA Gordon
Publication Date: June 19th, 2023
Pages: 278
Language: English