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An Angel Friend of Mine Helps Robbie's Missions (Paperback)

An Angel Friend of Mine Helps Robbie's Missions By Anthony V. Salerno Cover Image
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Robbie, who has lost his father because of an unfortunate accident, is trying to help his widowed mom make ends meet by working after school in a bodega. He desires to attend the University of Notre Dame but feels that it's a hopeless cause because of the financial demands.

He turns to prayer, constantly visiting his church on an almost daily basis in hopes his prayers will be answered. Through divine intervention, he has an encounter with his guardian angel, Zac, who tells Robbie that God has special plans for him. But before Robbie is told what was in store for him, Zac disappears.

After some time, Zac reappears to let Robbie know that he will be requested to accomplish two missions. By helping in Robbie's mission, Zac hopes to gain his wings.

Robbie encounters a new and mysterious stranger named Mike, who moves into Robbie's apartment complex. A friendly relationship builds, and Robbie develops a curiosity over a mystery object that is moved into Mike's apartment. Robbie learns how to play the harp with Mike's help. Now you know what the mysterious object was.

Alice who suffers from autism is a person that will come into Robbie's life as a motivating factor toward his dream of going to Notre Dame. She is a troubled girl due to her disability. The one thing that consoles her is her love of music, and because of Robbie's ability to play the harp, he forms a bond with Alice. This helps him in his effort to succeed in one of his missions.

Was Robbie able to manage to work out those issues given to him? Did Zac get the job done? Let's find out how Robbie and Zac handled their jobs.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098098445
ISBN-10: 1098098447
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: June 21st, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English