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A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies (Paperback)

A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies Cover Image
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Should babies sleep alone in cribs, or in bed with parents? Is talking to babies useful, or a waste of time? A World of Babies provides different answers to these and countless other childrearing questions, precisely because diverse communities around the world hold drastically different beliefs about parenting. While celebrating that diversity, the book also explores the challenges that poverty, globalization and violence pose for parents. Fully updated for the twenty-first century, this edition features a new introduction and eight new or revised case studies that directly address contemporary parenting challenges, from China and Peru to Israel and the West Bank. Written as imagined advice manuals to parents, the creative format of this book brings alive a rich body of knowledge that highlights many models of baby-rearing - each shaped by deeply held values and widely varying cultural contexts. Parenthood may never again seem a matter of 'common sense'.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781316502570
ISBN-10: 1316502570
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2016
Pages: 390
Language: English