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Barefoot in the Hills: A Country Girl's Tale (Paperback)

Barefoot in the Hills: A Country Girl's Tale By E. M. Link Cover Image
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Step into a Journey of Heartwarming Americana

Imagine the lush, rolling hills of Pennsylvania, where a young girl runs free, her feet kissing the earth with every step. Barefoot in the Hills: A Country Girl's Tale is your personal invitation to walk alongside Emily, whose story unfolds with the wild spirit of nature itself.

Born into a life that threads through the seasons, Emily's early years blossom with pure, childlike wonder. As a tomboy deeply connected to her older brother and the land that holds their childhoods, her heart beats to the rhythm of the countryside. Dive into her adventures across the family farm, where fireflies dance and creeks murmur secrets only a country girl would understand.

Yet not all journeys follow straight paths. School brings challenges, as Emily's barefoot legacy meets the paved confines of academia, but it's the internal struggle that will captivate you-the tug between the allure of distant horizons and the call of home. Witness the deeply poetic passages of change, from the daffodil's first bloom to the solemn beauty of winter's embrace.

Life whirls in a kaleidoscope of experiences: from enchanted snow tunnels to the awe of nature's quietest moments. But as adolescence beckons, it's not just the seasons that change. Emily confronts the lure of city lights, her journey of self-discovery stretching from the East to the West Coast, from college halls to the throes of urban life.

When a profound loss calls her back to her roots, Emily must grapple with the essence of who she has become. As she rebuilds the bridge between her past and present, you will feel the resilience of her spirit and the strength of the bonds that tie her to the hills of her heritage.

Each chapter of her life-meticulously chronicled in these pages-brings new adventures, relationships, and personal growth. As Emily treads the delicate balance between preservation and change, Barefoot in the Hills offers not just a story, but a sensory experience. Embrace the lessons of living close to nature, discover heartfelt traditions, and indulge in the comfort of rural recipes.

Join Emily as she shares her tale with a new generation, her barefoot journey lingering in the soul like the eternal hills that made her. It's an epic for anyone who's ever yearned for simplicity, for love, and for a place to call home.

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ISBN: 9781456643768
ISBN-10: 1456643762
Publication Date: December 28th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English