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Never Forget ...: The Lattimore Story (Hardcover)

Never Forget ...: The Lattimore Story Cover Image
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With the intent of educating and sparking discussion among younger generations, Willie Lattimore shares an intriguing insight into life in rural America during the 1960s and beyond in his memoir. In this time, the Lattimore family endured hardship, shared joys, and expanded the roots of the family tree. Willie begins with a retelling of his childhood growing up in Louisville, Alabama, where he enjoyed eating cornbread pancakes, horseback riding, fishing at the Blue Hole, and watching his logger father play on a Negro League baseball team. As he details his unique coming-of-age journey, Willie shares an entertaining glimpse into what life was like during a time when racism was prevalent, food was preserved in unusual ways, corporal punishment was the norm, and castor oil was the preferred remedy for every ailment under the sun. Throughout his narrative, which continues through his military career, Willie demonstrates how he relied on his church teachings and moral upbringing to make good choices and overcome challenges. Never Forget... combines humor, photographs, and real-life adventures with the goal of preserving the wonderful history of the Lattimore family for generations to come.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781458212665
ISBN-10: 1458212661
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication Date: November 27th, 2013
Pages: 134
Language: English