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James Proved: "I Am" True, Divine, Eternal Wisdom!: Miraculous Autobiography! (Paperback)

James Proved:
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Christian Childs religious autobiography leads mankind to the true way to salvation, eternal life. It has proven irrefutably, incontrovertibly, incontestably and convincingly that the Holy Bible is the only true, WISE, eternal words of Jesus Christ almighty God. This book has undoubtedly cancelled and nullify every false religion, false gods, false belief and false teachings. My book reveals GOD'S uncommon wisdom, power, presence and miracles in my life before and after I was born. Jesus Christ saved me from gestational death, premature death and spiritual death. I am called to help the church withstand the enemy's attacks in these last days, to help the unsaved come to Christ, to gently and wisely help those who believe, those who say they are christians but are not a born again christian.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781512788426
ISBN-10: 1512788422
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: October 4th, 2018
Pages: 240
Language: English