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Hitler's Invasion of East Anglia, 1940: An Historical Cover Up? (Hardcover)

Hitler's Invasion of East Anglia, 1940: An Historical Cover Up? By Martin W. Bowman Cover Image
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Did a German invasion or invasions take place along the shores of East Anglia in 1940? Though Operation 'Sealion', the intended invasion of southern England, never materialized, Hitler openly confided that 'even a small invasion might go a long way', and asked that his forces might mount one, two or even three 'small invasions' in 1940. So were the mass raids on London merely a diversion? Why have all the files on this most dramatic period in British history been placed under lock and key for the foreseeable future? Why have the instances involving setting fire to the sea and skirmishes around our coasts been covered up?

Martin W. Bowman tells the full story of these remarkable events - both actual and 'factional' - involving British defenders in the Army, Home Guard and Auxiliary Units and the invading Fallschirmj ger (German paratroopers) and Brandenburgers (Fifth Column troops, many in civilian or captured British uniforms); Luftwaffe Fieseler Storch aircraft and Junkers Ju 52s towing DFS 200 gliders and parachutists. This is a thrilling edge of your seat publication, drawing upon details of actual Allied and German airborne operations during the Second World War. It is complimented by an extensive Appendix section and scores of previously unpublished photos.

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ISBN: 9781526705488
ISBN-10: 1526705486
Publisher: Pen and Sword Aviation
Publication Date: December 27th, 2019
Pages: 336
Language: English