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HMCS Haida: Anatomy of a Destroyer (Paperback)

HMCS Haida: Anatomy of a Destroyer Cover Image
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The HMCS Haida is the most decorated ship in Canadian naval history. She won many Battle Orders during her life. She was active at D Day and in Korea. It is therefore appropriate that she became one of the very few ships to be saved from the wrecking yard and to become a first class museum. returncharacterreturncharacterMany visitors come annually to see this grand destroyer located in Hamilton harbour. Mostly looked after by veterans and other volunteers, the ship is a unique opportunity for visitors, young and old, to find out what a warship looks like from the inside as well as get a first hand understanding of what life would be like on the high seas or perhaps in battle. returncharacterreturncharacterDr. Barry Gough, the historian of the HMCS Haida and a well-known author on naval topics, shows through the use of pictures and short captions what this historical and unique ship is all about. Close up pictures of her interior, armaments and life during her active time bring to life this wonderful ship.

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ISBN: 9781550689587
ISBN-10: 1550689584
Publisher: Vanwell Looking Back Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2009
Pages: 127
Language: English
Series: Looking Back