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The Magic of Shapeshifting (Paperback)

The Magic of Shapeshifting By Rosalyn Greene Cover Image
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Shapeshifters are people with animal medicine, people who can connect with and use their animal powers. Those with access to this magical power can shift mentally, astrally, or even physically into their power animal or totem. Rosalyn Greene's ability to shift, both mentally and astrally, combined with her extensive study of the secret shapeshifting folklore, has resulted in this fascinating examination of all aspects and forms of shifting.

In The Magic of Shapeshifting, Rosalyn Greene guides us through the levels of reality that lie outside our physical world and into the infinite universe that exists both within and beyond the limited boundaries of our senses. We read about opening to our inner animal selfnormally dwelling within the subconsciousand letting it pervade more of our conscious waking mind. Detailed explanations and exercises teach shifters about their animal side, the animal spirit guide, and how we can become shifters. She shows us how to distinguish powerful visions, anxiety attacks, and imagination from real shifting, as well as how to recognize the warning signs of an imminent shift. Since there can be dangers and risks on both the mundane and psychic levels when we pursue the path of a shifter, many of the potential dangers associated with specific practices are carefully outlined.

Shapeshifting links us with both the fundamental power of animals and with the higher self, our true being, the soul. We learn to release selflimiting ideas of our true nature and expand into a clear, conscious connection with the divine, eternal soul, whose reality is beyond whatever mind (or even body) we happen to possess at the moment.

Shapeshifting is a spiritual journey, a very tough one, but very rewarding. It has a purpose and reality far beyond simply using shifter abilities for earthly benefits. It can lead us through the unseen veil that seems to separate us from our Selves.

About the Author

Rosalyn Greene is a highly gifted psychic whose shapeshifting experiences began at a very early age. Since there are few books available on this subject, she has written The Magic of Shapeshifting to share her experiences and thereby provide guidance, support and deeper understanding to those interested in this fascinating area of psychic transformation.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781578631711
ISBN-10: 1578631718
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2000
Pages: 258
Language: English