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The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit (Paperback)

The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit By Joan Rose Staffen Cover Image
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Awaken your own innate creative potential by using pendulum work to clear energetic blocks.

The Creative Pendulum
demonstrates how to use the pendulum to unlock your inner artist, allowing you to discover or expand your creative potential.

Dowsing with a pendulum is a quick, direct path to the sub-and super-conscious levels, to higher forces, and to the Muse herself. Thirty pendulum creativity charts are offered that help clear, center, unblock, and guide a person forward, so that anyone may more easily enter the creative space to play and work.

Staffen offers practical information and tips so that anyone can learn to dowse, but even experienced practitioners will find exciting new ways of using a pendulum.

The book includes Joan’s own story of how the pendulum helped her transition from businesswoman to author and visual artist, bringing the power of the pendulum to real life.

About the Author

Joan Rose Staffen is a writer, artist, and psychic healer dedicated to helping others heal their lives, rediscover their purpose, and stay on their life path. On the spiritual path since her early twenties, she has explored many healing modalities including psychic healing, yoga, meditation, A Course in Miracles, Unity Church principals and prayers, and spiritual response therapy, a dowsing system for deep healing. Currently, she works and plays in an intentional artist community in Santa Cruz, California, called the Tannery Arts Lofts where she provides workshops and psychic healings. Joan has facilitated Artist’s Way groups in Santa Cruz and Marin Counties, and has helped coach numerous budding and recovering artists.

Praise For…

“The Creative Pendulum is a masterpiece of soul awakening and creative manifestation.  Joan Rose Staffen is an accomplished artist and a healer, and both qualities shine in her new book.  While many regard the ancient art of pendulum divination as an externalized practice, Joan demonstrates that pendulum divining is truly a creative skill, similar to that of an artist who uses a paintbrush with inner attunement and vision.   The vibrant processes and practical life examples outlined in The Creative Pendulum show how the soul can truly “paint” its own dynamic landscape of enhanced consciousness, thereby activating one’s life with greater purpose, passion and empowerment.”  —Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director Flower Essence Society
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 “If you are a writer or an artist or a poet and have found yourself struggling with blocks to your creativity, you will enjoy every moment of The Creative Pendulum by Joan Rose Staffen. Joan Rose guides us through the spiritual and meditative side of our creative life. She connects us with our own insights and gives us tools to use a higher and deeper level of inner guidance. Using Joan Rose’s pendulum methods yields not only a clarity to our passions for creativity but also to the act of living.” —Catherine Segurson, founder and editor-in-chief of Catamaran Literary Reader
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“A wonderful book that will empower your intuition and help you to tap into your creative nature with the use of a pendulum and charts, The Creative Pendulum is full of insightful guidance and knowledge that places you in great creative control of your life path.” —Joanne Brocas, author of Clear Spirit, The Life Changing Power of Energy Clearing
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"The Creative Pendulum is an exceptional book on dowsing that goes far beyond the basics. Readers are invited to dig deep into the creative and intuitive side of pendulums, exploring practices as diverse as clearing your aura and choosing the best social media platform. Included is an extensive selection of pendulum exercises, thirty-three charts, and details on using pendulums to set up an intuitive coaching practice. In my many years of dowsing, this is the best reference material I've seen.”  —Nancy Hendrickson, author of Ancestral Tarot
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Product Details
ISBN: 9781578637515
ISBN-10: 1578637511
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English