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The Witch's Tale: Stories of Gothic Horror from the Golden Age of Radio (Paperback)

The Witch's Tale: Stories of Gothic Horror from the Golden Age of Radio Cover Image
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Stories of Gothic horror from the Golden Age of Radio. Discover the thrills and goose bumps that frightened a generation of listeners during radio's Golden Age with 13 hair raising vintage radio scripts featuring stories about Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Severed heads, Devil worship, Mad scientists and more . By Alonzo Deen Cole, the great granddaddy of modern media horror and the creator of network radio's first drama series devoted entirely to the supernatural. Very nicely done in an affordable trade paperback (with, I should add, a beautiful cover by Alice Pfeiffer--a name I'm not familiar with but hope to see more of), THE WITCH'S TALE presents 13 of Cole's best stories. What sets the author's horror plays apart from others of the day is that when the menace is finally unmasked at the climax it's not the disgruntled university scientist or scheming wife, but, more often than not, really truly a sea monster, vampire, or (as in the opening story, "The Image") a demonic idol. Alonzo Deen Cole's THE WITCH'S TALE represents the closest we ever came to having a WEIRD TALES radio show. - Bare Bones Magazine I have a copy of this and I want to say that it is worth every penny if you are at all a fan of the macabre. Not only is the introduction informative (you can learn a lot about this series), the scripts are a great read. The book is attractive and well bound for easy reading. - Jim Widner This is a rare opportunity to venture back in time and experience horror purely through your imagination. And this is the real stuff: vampires, ghosts, werewolves, severed heads, devil worship and more. A horror fan's delight. - Hellnotes Newsletter It's not often that we get to look back at the creation of an entire art form. The Witch's Tale is certainly that-the true inception of the radio horror show in America. That recordings for these scripts are as yet unavailable only adds to their significance. - John Dunning, noted radio historian and author of On The Air and Tune In Yesterday.

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ISBN: 9781593934279
ISBN-10: 1593934270
Publisher: BearManor Media
Publication Date: November 11th, 2011
Pages: 262
Language: English