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Pain-Free Joints: 46 Simple Qigong Movements for Arthritis Healing and Prevention (Paperback)

Pain-Free Joints: 46 Simple Qigong Movements for Arthritis Healing and Prevention By Jwing-Ming Yang Cover Image
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If pain-free joints are the goal, qigong movements can help According to the Centers for Disease Control, over fifty million Americans struggle with doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Obesity and inactivity are proven aggravating factors, limiting mobility and making everyday activities difficult and painful. For many, arthritis progresses to the point where they will have to manage pain for years to come. Some will have little choice but to rely on prescription medication. But for the millions of others with joint pain, there is hope. By committing to a series of simple exercises, we can remain loose and flexible. We can prevent and heal injuries to maintain flexible, healthy joints. Motion is the key, and in this book Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming will get you moving. You will regain natural, pain-free motion, and suppleness with qigong, a timeless Chinese art that promotes healing, flexibility, and balance. The gentle, meditative movements emphasize proper motion in coordination with breath, making qigong the right choice for preventing, treating, and even reversing arthritis. This book presents 46 movements to help you loosen, stretch, strengthen, heal, and maintain comfortable, flexible joints for a lifetime. You will learn what qigong is and why it is a good choice for treating arthritis and maintaining healthy joints - 4 gentle torso-loosening movements- 9 hand massage movements and techniques- 6 massage methods for immediate relief- 3 qigong movements for neck, spine, and waist- 7 qigong movements for fingers, hands, and wrists- 8 qigong movements for elbows and shoulders- 4 qigong movements for toes and ankles- 5 qigong movements for hips and knees Many people who live with joint pain rely on acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, and even surgery. By committing to a simple qigong practice, you can begin to take care of your own joints, with less reliance on others.

About the Author

Yang, Jwing-Ming, PhD, is a world-renowned author, scholar, and teacher. He has been involved in Chinese martial arts since 1961 and maintains over 55 schools in 18 countries. Dr. Yang's writing and teaching include the subjects of kung fu, tai chi chuan, massage, meditation, and chin na, and he is a leading authority on qigong. Dr. Yang is the author of over 35 books and 80 videos.

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ISBN: 9781594395352
ISBN-10: 1594395357
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: November 1st, 2017
Pages: 160
Language: English