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Baseball Field Guide, Fourth Edition: An In-Depth Illustrated Guide to the Complete Rules of Baseball (Paperback)

Baseball Field Guide, Fourth Edition: An In-Depth Illustrated Guide to the Complete Rules of Baseball By Dan Formosa, Paul Hamburger Cover Image
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A great overview for novices and a precise reference guide for devoted fans!

Admit it: Even if you’re a die-hard fan of our national pastime, sometimes an umpire’s call can be baffling. And for newer fans, Major League Baseball’s nuanced rules—developed and revised over many decades—can be downright perplexing.

Now updated throughout with the latest changes, including specifications about the universal designated hitter and limits on defensive shifts, the Baseball Field Guide lays out every rule in plain English. You’ll learn to answer all these questions and more:

  • Do you know the twenty-two ways a pitcher can be charged with a balk?

  • Can you list all seven ways a batter can safely get to first base?

  • Obstruction or interference—who’s at fault when things get rough?

  • What are the rules that apply before and after a game?

  • What happens when spectators are the ones who misbehave?

  • How well do you understand the infamous Infield Fly Rule (and why does it exist)?

This is the clearest explanation anywhere of the rules of baseball. Designed for quick and intuitive searches, this entertaining reference will help you understand every aspect of the game and add to your enjoyment of the sport.

About the Author

Dan Formosa, PhD, is an award-winning consultant based in Piermont, New York, and New York City. He grew up playing stoopball and is a die-hard Yankees fan.

Paul Hamburger, originally from Brooklyn, is a creative director and recent transplant to Los Angeles. As a Mets fan, he is resentful toward the success of other local baseball organizations.

Praise For…

A clear and concise book that explains every rule, using real-life examples and simple but effective illustrations. . . . This book will teach everyone something new.
— Booklist

Splendidly clear and concise.
— Boston Globe

A useful and entertaining resource.
— Choice

Unlike the official rulebook, which has codes as dense as the Dewey Decimal System, this illustrated reference is easy to read and covers everything.
— San Diego Union-Tribune

This fourth edition is a handy, dandy guide book to the game that you think you know until you don’t, and fits nicely in your back pocket. . . . It rules.
— Farther Off the Wall

Product Details
ISBN: 9781615199549
ISBN-10: 1615199543
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English