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The Quantum Akashic Field: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences for the Astral Traveler (Paperback)

The Quantum Akashic Field: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences for the Astral Traveler By Jim Willis Cover Image
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A first-hand exploration of how to consciously step out of your body and navigate the Quantum Akashic Field

• Details a step-by-step process of engaging extrasensory, out-of-body travel

• Examines the quantum landscape of the Akashic Field, meetings with spirit guides, and descriptions of out-of-body experiences from the author’s personal journal and from world spiritual traditions, including the Bible and the Baghavad Purana

• Explores current theories about the science of consciousness and sensory perception, including discoveries from quantum physics, and how these discoveries align with the traditional wisdom of shamans, dowsers, and mystics

Physicists have recently discovered a whole quantum-based reality, a multidimensional world where all potentials simultaneously exist. Called the Akashic Field by systems scientist Ervin Laszlo, it is the same quantum reality that mystics, shamans, and dowsers have been exploring for thousands of years through astral travel, spirit journeying, and energy work.

Revealing how to gain awareness of the Quantum Akashic Field through conscious out-of-body experiences (OBEs), Jim Willis shares fascinating firsthand accounts taken from the detailed OBE journals he has kept for nearly 10 years, alongside analysis of recent discoveries in quantum physics and wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions. He details his own experiences with a wide variety of astral beings, spirit guides, landscapes, laws, and activities that he encountered in the Quantum Akashic Field. Drawing on scientifically-based principles that underlie the very nature of biological life, he explains how the brain is an organizer, not a producer, of consciousness. He explores the difference between dreams, visions, and OBEs and powerful ways to harness the imagination.

Detailing a step-by-step process centered on safe, simple meditative techniques, Willis shows how to bypass the filters of your five senses while still fully awake and aware and engage in extrasensory, out-of-body travel. Sharing his journey to connect with universal consciousness and navigate the quantum landscape of the Akashic Field, he reveals how conscious OBEs allow you to penetrate beyond normal waking perception into the realm of quantum perception.

About the Author

Jim Willis is the author of 11 books on religion and spirituality in the 21st century, including Supernatural Gods, along with many magazine articles on topics ranging from earth energies to ancient civilizations. He has been an ordained minister for over forty years while working part-time as a carpenter, musician, radio host, arts council director, and adjunct college professor in the fields of world religions and instrumental music. He lives in the woods of South Carolina.

Praise For…

“The Quantum Akashic Field is open for exploration to all who develop a systematic strategy of meditation and creative imagination. By sharing his own out-of-body experiences, recorded through the years in his personal journals, Jim Willis serves as our guide into that world of mystery and revelation.”
— George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

“Jim Willis, through a combination of modern science and very personal experience, manages to produce a veritable DIY guide for anyone interested in out-of-body experience (OBE). This book should cause the steadfast nonbeliever to admit that there is at least a scientifically based possibility that the OBE phenomenon is plausible and provides validation as well as explanations and encouragement for those who have experience with OBEs. If ever there was a successful explanation for the inexplicable, this book is it.”
— Gerry Bailey, computer scientist, systems engineer, and OBE practitioner

“Willis weaves together science, metaphysics, and cultural references in a thoughtful exploration of the out-of-body experience. Using his fascinating and highly symbolic personal experiences, he gently but logically guides us to see that OBEs are a natural part of our spiritual development. This book is a great summary of the basics, with inspiring personal examples, encouragement, and practical guidance that is both useful for the beginner and a valuable refresher for those looking to enhance their experience.
— William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body

“Another brilliant book by Jim Willis. How he manages to make complex concepts so easily accessible, I don’t know. Read it at your own risk!”
— Elyn Aviva, PhD, MDiv, author of The Question: A Magical Fable

“Combining cutting-edge theories, mysticism, and personal narratives, Jim Willis provides a fascinating overview of the out-of-body experience. Willis seamlessly makes connections between such diverse topics as perception, consciousness, philosophy, shamanism, and quantum physics, which challenges readers to look beyond their present assumptions about who and what they really are.”
— Paul J. Leslie, author of The Art of Creating a Magical Session

“This is a very dangerous book. With his ability to tell a good story, Jim Willis can draw you right out of your body and into the astral planes. So, if you choose to read it, don’t say you haven’t been warned.”
— Gary White, PhD, coauthor of the Powerful Places guidebook series

“Accessing the fabled Akashic records has always been a curiosity of mine, and in his book The Quantum Akashic Field Jim provides a fun and easy-tounderstand guide for exploring this sacred domain.”
— Cliff Dunning, host and producer of Earth Ancients podcast

“Jim Willis has written a wonder-filled, magical book. Thoroughly acquainted with the theoretical principles of the new physics and how they relate to the problem of consciousness, he offers sage practical advice on how to achieve a conscious out-of-body experience and navigate the challenging terrain of nonordinary states of consciousness. . . . Marinated in the narrow, intellectualistic rationalism of our mainstream Western culture and an equally narrow and dogmatic fundamentalist form of Christianity, Willis shares how he managed to free himself from these mental prisons and experience ever-wider, more expansive and inclusive states of awareness.”
— Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D., author of The Way Back to Paradise and The Myth of the Great Ending

“This is an entertaining account of the author’s exploration of the Akashic Field. Jim Willis shows us how we can gain awareness of this quantum-based reality through conscious out-of-body experiences. Although these experiences feel supernatural, they are rooted in simple, scientific principles…”

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Publication Date: December 3rd, 2019
Pages: 176
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