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Children's Secret Diary: Kid's Diary (Paperback)

Children's Secret Diary: Kid's Diary Cover Image
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The "Children's Secret Diary" is a great zero content text that any child can use to log their secrets or their day to day activities. The author has gone to great lengths to ensure that the text is formatted in such a way that it is pretty simple to log the information and it is also easy to add any other things that the child wants to add like pictures or any other details.

About the Author

Have you ever wanted to have a secret diary as a child? That was the dream a that Shannon Wright had when she was a child as the ones that her mother used to purchase for her were simply not sufficient to log the information in the way that she wanted to log them. Following up on this when she became an adult she made the decision to create a secret diary that could suit any child's taste. It was a blank text but the information could be entered in specific ways. It was much more versatile than the other diaries that she had used as a child and was much simpler as well. Her son uses the diary to log his own "secrets" and daily activities. It was one of Shannon's most exciting projects as she loves to inspire young minds and open them up to a new world of creativity.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781628846843
ISBN-10: 1628846844
Publisher: Shaan White
Publication Date: July 19th, 2013
Pages: 50
Language: English