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Choir Boy (Paperback)

Choir Boy By Kelsie Ann Deschenes Cover Image
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The age-old German-chasing-the-Jew tale takes a different turn in this book as the conflicts of World War II are seen through the eyes of a Nazi's young adolescent son.

To Alfonso, it's confusing that while he gets in trouble for bullying at school, his father then turns around and becomes a hero for shooting a group of Jews. While General Adelric sits in the seat of respect, he sends his son to a boys' boarding school that specializes in teaching morals. Knowing nothing besides walking in his father's footsteps, Alfonso continues to be the school bully and gets into more trouble. Then one day, he meets someone who has many things he lacks--confidence, a joy in life, faith, and an incredible voice. But there's a glitch. Jacob is a Jew who the bullies lose no chance to torture. Alfonso is torn as he sees Jacob living the kind of life with the peace and hope he wants. He finds himself in a position where an offer is made. If Jacob will teach him how to sing for the upcoming school choir auditions, Alfonso will agree to stop bullying him. It starts innocently enough as the one boy teaches the other to sing. But it quickly comes to light that much more is at stake than who will get the lead choir boy position, including a budding friendship between the two. Just when Alfonso feels some of his many questions are answered, many more come.

How will he handle the numerous life-changing conflicts coming his way, including the fact that his new friend is a Jew wanted by the Nazis?

Will Alfonso be able to stand up for what's right for the first time in his life?

Will he find his voice?

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ISBN: 9781644714430
ISBN-10: 1644714434
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: June 24th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English