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Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live Your Light! (Paperback)

Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live Your Light! By April Tribe Giauque Cover Image
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You can't stand in light while sheltering in the Darkness. Step out of Darkness and into Light

Pain. Fear. Shame. They all thrive in darkness, in unpredictability, in loneliness, and in feeling friendless or unloved. Where are these voices? In your head They say things like, "you are not enough, or you are too much." Darkness feeds them because they are hidden deep within you. They are like a black hole sucking all your energy and robbing your light from shining.

Are you tired of walking around in a darkened state of mind never changing? Are you satisfied with sheltering in the darkness? Is there something you are hoping for? Are you wanting to come out of the darkness to find light? If you're feeling trapped by the voice in your head? it's NOT too late to come Out of Darkness and into freedom It won't be easy. Pain, fear, and shame will all take an emotional, physical, and mental stand against you. But don't give up You are not alone in this battle.

"Out of Darkness" is a parallel companion book to "Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse." It is April Tribe Giauque's journey of her life, what she learned in abuse, what she learned after the abuse, and how to never fall back into abuse (self-inflicted or otherwise).

April Tribe Giauque shows you in, Out of Darkness, a powerful method to find your light. She will empower you to:

- Identify your enemy and how to defeat him. You are worth fighting for

- Discover your self-worth and the beauty that you are. You are more than you know

- Say YES to loving yourself.

Deep breath. Be brave. She is in the pages of the book and will walk the journey with you to find, fuel, and live in your light You are worth it

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647461355
ISBN-10: 1647461359
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: June 13th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English