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A Doorway Back to Forever: Restore (Paperback)

A Doorway Back to Forever: Restore By Nanette O'Neal Cover Image
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Even the most shattered soul is worth saving.

Michael Harris has every reason to want Jonathan Crane dead.

They were best friends as teens, but that changed when Jonathan started his crazy talk-imaginary doorways, a royal family, and freedom. It was heresy to question the state or believe in anything beyond this world, but one by one, people got sucked into Jonathan's Skyborn lies. The madness led to massacre, and Jonathan fled while Michael watched his na ve parents fall to murder.

Ten years later, with Jonathan still on the run, Michael's rage makes him the perfect volunteer to bring this coward to justice. But Michael falls in love with the beautiful Gabriella Mounir, a Skyborn convert. Somehow, he must win her away from this lunacy before he carries out his plan.

Unless the plan all along is to restore his shattered life before time runs out.

A Doorway Back to Forever: RESTORE is a love story within a fantasy that challenges us to stand for personal freedom and hold fast to hope even in the face of evil. It delves into the backstory of Michael and Gabriella, the escorts for the Eeberheem children on their journey to defeating Sylvare and bringing peace to Tallisete and the Kingdom of Forever.

"Nanette O'Neal fuses so much magic into her stories that it's hard to look away. From the first words she wrote, I fell in love with her storytelling gift, and she made me a loyal fan for life. As a die-hard Harry Potter fan for over 20 years, I can say that she gives JK Rowling some well-deserved competition If you pick up the first book-or any of them, for that matter-you will want them to live on forever, just like I do "

-Tina Morlock, Author of Where the Bad Seeds Grow

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ISBN: 9781647467258
ISBN-10: 164746725X
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English