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Dark Mind Control Techniques in NLP: The Secret Body of Knowledge in Psychology That Explores the Vulnerabilities of Being Human. Powerful Mindset, La (Hardcover)

Dark Mind Control Techniques in NLP: The Secret Body of Knowledge in Psychology That Explores the Vulnerabilities of Being Human. Powerful Mindset, La By Emory Green Cover Image
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If You're Curious About NLP, This Book Will Help You Get Started

What if you woke up with the mindset of a self-made millionaire?

What if you could become effortlessly persuasive, like a world-class salesperson?

What if you could see through every manipulative mind control trick aimed at you?

If you're interested in psychology, persuasion, and self-improvement, then you've just found the right book for you

You've probably heard the term NLP (neurolinguistic programming) more than once in your life, but if you're like most people, you're not sure what it means.

NLP is often confused with brainwashing and other controversial practices. Some people also associate NLP with the negative stereotype of an annoying, manipulative salesperson who's trying to sell you things you don't need.

There are many more myths and misconceptions about NLP, but the truth is different.

NLP is a very rich and varied toolkit of psychological methods that can be used for self-analysis, self-improvement, and gaining a deep understanding of other people. Yes, you can also use NLP tactics in business and sales - but you're not forcing people to buy random things from you, you're establishing a genuine connection with them and showing how your products may fulfill their needs.

With NLP, you can overcome fears and anxieties.

You can adopt the mindset of a successful person that you admire.

You can understand how other people tick and adapt your communication style to their needs.

NLP is powerful and versatile - but it can also be confusing if you try to learn it from random blog articles.

This is why this book was written. The famous psychologist and business coach Emory Green wanted to create a comprehensive, beginner-friendly guide to NLP - with a particular focus on its darker aspects like hypnosis and frame control.

This book will help you:
  • Discover the truth about NLP and stop believing common misconceptions
  • Recognize and resist attempts to manipulate you with mind control tricks
  • Trigger people's subconsciousness and get into their minds
  • Read body language easily and correctly - no more wild guesses
  • Draw your own success roadmap that will take you to your goals
  • Reprogram your mindset and think like a millionaire or a creative genius
  • Become an excellent communicator and persuader

This book makes NLP surprisingly easy to learn. It offers practical tools that you can start using right away - even if you think that your communication skills need a lot of improvement, NLP will change everything in a matter of weeks.

NLP is the approach used by top CEOs, salespeople, and coaches. It has brought success to countless people and businesses - and it can make you successful, too. Just apply its time-proven techniques to every aspect of your life and see what happens

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ISBN: 9781647801052
ISBN-10: 1647801052
Publisher: Modern Mind Media
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English