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Mastering Self-Care: Building Resiliency Through Healthy and Mindful Living (Paperback)

Mastering Self-Care: Building Resiliency Through Healthy and Mindful Living By Lmsw Suzie Devaughn Cover Image
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This book begins with the deeply impactful healing journey of Suzie DeVaughn and illustrates how extreme self-care saved her life. The painful health crisis eventually led her into a career as a public speaker, author, psychotherapist, and healing facilitator. She has guided thousands of clients to their innermost pain, transforming wounds into wisdom through compassion, love and insight.

Mastering Self-Care is for anyone who desires to improve their quality of life-from the general public to professional caregivers. It educates the reader on the multiple dimensions of self-care, including practical tips to incorporate life-affirming practices into daily living. It creates a paradigm shift regarding compassionate care of one's self to prevent burnout in the process of helping others. Handling stress from the inside-out is essential for successfully navigating life's challenges.

This book provides an in-depth perspective on the categories of self-care including: physical, psychological, interpersonal/social, professional, spiritual, and energy management/clearing. Self-assessments are incorporated to give the reader awareness regarding current habits, patterns, and beliefs. It then follows with a section on strategy to assist the beginner in an achievable regimen or improving existing practices for those who are more advanced. Special prevention and identification considerations are outlined for professional and family caregivers, as they can be at high risk of experiencing secondary trauma due to the intensity of their service and care.

Mastering Self-Care gives the reader awareness, inspiration, ideas, and techniques regarding the effective use of self-care as the foundation of healthy and mindful living. This helps to counterbalance personal and professional life stress resulting in increased resiliency, energy optimization, balance and wholeness. Anyone can benefit from this book, from those just beginning to focus on their needs to advanced self-lovers.

What we need is a self-care movement in which each person loves, cares, and takes responsibility for one's self. By acknowledging and responding to our needs, we have more energy and compassion to help others. In this scenario, everyone benefits.

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ISBN: 9781662430206
ISBN-10: 1662430205
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: July 19th, 2021
Pages: 228
Language: English