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Sacred Threads (Paperback)

Sacred Threads By A. R. Diaz Cover Image
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In the heart of sixteenth-century Aztec civilization, Eztli, a defiant young woman, harbors deep resentment towards the Spanish conquerors who have changed her world forever. Tasked with spying on Juan Diego, who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary, Eztli's life takes an unexpected turn. Witnessing the miraculous apparitions at Tepeyac Hill, she is drawn into a world of divine enigmas and newfound faith. Eztli discovers the profound art of forgiveness through her friendship with a compassionate Spanish nun and indigenous missionaries. Sacred Threads is a captivating historical fiction that unveils the power of faith, love, and reconciliation, offering a unique perspective on the Virgin Mary's apparitions through the eyes of a fierce Aztec woman. Join Eztli on her transformative journey of cultural collision, as she becomes a beacon of hope and unity in a world torn apart.

About the Author

A. R. Diaz is a devout Catholic, Mexican-Canadian author, and artist. Growing up amid prairie grass and Aztec temples, her untamable imagination and wanderer spirit fueled a love for traveling. However, she's settled in Ontario to pursue a BA in anthropology at the University of Ottawa. Diaz finds solace and expression through writing and painting. Drawing inspiration from her diverse roots and experiences, Diaz's creative pieces come alive on her Instagram account: @a.r.diaz_.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781666789195
ISBN-10: 1666789194
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: October 9th, 2023
Pages: 84
Language: English