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The Call To Rise: A Guide to Healing and Becoming the Powerful Woman You are Meant to Be (Paperback)

The Call To Rise: A Guide to Healing and Becoming the Powerful Woman You are Meant to Be Cover Image
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We are living in a very powerful and profound time. The world is waking up, and women are feeling the effects of having lived in a masculine-structured society. It is time for a new way of life, one where you are connected to your feminine power, confident, radiant, and magnetic. A life where you are able to express the truth of who you really are.

"The Call To Rise" is a call to women everywhere who are ready to heal on the deepest levels possible and leave behind any and all limitations preventing them from living life in full expression as the powerful women they truly are. This is for any woman who is ready to break free of their conditioning and live life in a more feminine and connected way.

In "The Call To Rise," Kelly Kristin walks you through her journey of healing from abuse, autoimmune disorders, and more to a life of freedom and flow. Kelly takes you through her rapid transformation process, which helps you to release the past, heal emotional trauma from the root cause, and reconnect to your feminine power and the truth of who you are, while reprogramming your mind and body to experience a new reality.

Kelly Kristin is a coach and mentor to women all over the world who are ready to connect and embody their innate feminine power. She specializes in working with the subconscious mind and divine feminine power to help her clients release and heal emotional trauma from the root, reconnect to their feminine energy, and reprogram their minds and body to live in a new reality. She is a registered nurse with a background in psychiatry and a certified holistic health coach. She is science and research junkie with an affinity for neuroscience and the mind-body connection. She is also an NLP practitioner, a PSYCH-K(R) facilitator, clinical hypnotherapist, and spiritual thought leader.

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ISBN: 9781692588328
ISBN-10: 169258832X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2019
Pages: 152
Language: English