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I Feel... Something (Hardcover)

I Feel... Something By DJ Corchin Cover Image
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This series helps kids recognize, express, and deal with the roller coaster of emotions they feel every day. It has been celebrated by therapists, psychologists, teachers, and parents as wonderful tools to help children develop self-awareness for their feelings and those of their friends.

Sometimes I feel something. It's hard to explain.

It's not quite a feeling. It's not quite a pain.

The things that I'm feeling make no sense in my brain!

Sometimes our bodies send us signals that are hard to define and express. What do we do when we feel…hungry? When our arms are tingly and uncomfortable? When we have an itch?

With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, I Feel...Something introduces kids to the concept of interoception (the ability to understand the signals our body sends us). This book makes it easier for kids to identify and express those bodily signals—and have fun too.

About the Author

DJ Corchin is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. He uses his unique humor and wit to focus on socially conscious messages involving kindness, communication, and emotional awareness. He currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781728219646
ISBN-10: 1728219647
Publisher: Sourcebooks Explore
Publication Date: January 5th, 2021
Pages: 56
Language: English
Series: I Feel...