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God: the Evidence (Hardcover)

God: the Evidence By Ronald W. Larsen Cover Image
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The "holy grail" of physics is quantum gravity, often called the theory of everything. But any scientific theory will be incomplete without the God of the Bible. Physicists claim the cosmos began with a big bang created from nothing. But the word nothing is meaningless in physics. Furthermore, the big bang is an impenetrable barrier to whatever preceded it. In addition, a finite cosmos cannot contain within itself an explanation for its own existence. To claim we are here by accident explains nothing and leads to a logical dead end. The cause of the universe is information in the form of mathematical laws left behind for science to discover. The fundamental properties of these laws have the same attributes as the Supreme Lawgiver of Genesis. An intelligible cosmos is unmistakable evidence the Creator is an Intelligent Mind. The Creator's Voice is a valid scientific theory confirming the truth of Genesis; God spoke the laws creating the universe out of nothing, creatio ex nihilo. The foundation of the universe is ethereal cosmic waves which interact according to the laws to create and sustain the illusion of reality we experience. Space, time, energy and matter are made from quantum information; nothing else is needed. By a process of elimination, God is the only possible explanation for everything we know. The human mind is evidence consciousness is endemic to the cosmos. Cosmic waves interact with the human mind in mysterious ways. The cosmos relates to humans more like a great Mind than a mindless machine. The god-like nature of the human mind is evidence; we are made imago Dei. Even if God is included in a scientific theory, it means little unless it can be shown God is a real Being, alive, present in the world and relevant to our lives.

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ISBN: 9781728370118
ISBN-10: 1728370116
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: September 19th, 2022
Pages: 248
Language: English