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Camp Cutlery: A Hunger for Justice (Paperback)

Camp Cutlery: A Hunger for Justice Cover Image
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Peanut (pronouns: they, them, theirs) is an outspoken transgender rebel with a cause. When getting revenge on a bully causes the school to explode, Peanut is sentenced to a youth correctional facility, Camp Cutlery. Here, girls must wear skirts, boys must wear pants, and there is no such thing as being trans.

Peanut's release date is in three months. All they have to due to survive is hide their gender by any means necessary and keep their mouth shut about the systemic abuse and injustices the cadets face. Piece of cake, right?

All of that is small potatoes to what's really going on at Camp Cutlery. If everything has a price, what will Peanut sacrifice in their search for the truth... and freedom?

Join Peanut, in this whimsical tale of juvenile crime, justice - and talking food.

Camp Cutlery is a spin-off of the award-winning animated web series, McTucky Fried High. Across two seasons (watch here) spanning twelve episodes, McTucky tackled a variety of subjects I felt were absent in mainstream cartoons: issues such as coming out, gender identity and expression, racial discrimination, and more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733504201
ISBN-10: 1733504206
Publisher: Carnilius, LLC
Publication Date: February 10th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English