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The Lord Steward and the Servant King (Paperback)

The Lord Steward and the Servant King By Gordon Saunders, Anna Coleman (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Gordon Saunders, Anna Coleman (Illustrator)
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Kentucky. Now it's 1838. Steven and Amanda have not been able to get back into Verdura for two years, no matter what they've done. They don't know if promises made there have come true or if something terrible has happened.

But things have changed in Kentucky. Amanda's grown older and her father wants her to marry a young man who's a cruel bully. Daddy thinks she'll change him. Huh She wants nothing to do with him. But her father's insistent. Plus, Amanda has no idea what's happened to Joshua and Marie. Letters from them stopped coming some time ago.

And then there's that peculiar 'amusement' someone is putting on in downtown Glasgow, Kentucky, a weird phenomenon hyped by a creepy mustachioed tinker who doesn't have any pots or pans to sell.

Join Joshua, Marie, Amanda and Steven in their second Verduran adventure. Yeah. This one could also be fatal. Or worse.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733872768
ISBN-10: 1733872760
Publisher: Mediaropa
Publication Date: September 1st, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English