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Unbreakable (Paperback)

Unbreakable By Kyle Zagrodzky, John Jaquish Cover Image
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This book is for athletes, the elderly, sick people, and healthy people. It's for anyone who wants more confidence, more energy, and more strength. Here you'll learn about the benefits of some of the most cutting-edge biohacking technologies - and how you can use them yourself.

The technologies in this book take advantage of the natural forces that shape strong, healthy bodies. These biohacks amplify these forces far beyond what can be found in traditional exercise. The results often include: greater gains to bone density, muscle strength, athletic performance, health, and healing than have ever been seen before.

Here you'll learn why everyone from osteoporosis patients to A-list professional athletes and renowned motivator Tony Robbins use these technologies to enhance their health and performance. You'll learn from clinical research findings about the astounding results of each technology described in this book.

About Kyle Zagrodzky

Kyle Zagrodzky is the Founder and CEO of OsteoStrong. A serial entrepreneur, Kyle has founded several companies earning over 100 million in revenue. He is drawn to concepts that improve the human condition. When Kyle met John Jaquish, PhD - an inventor championing a new technology whose results astounded the medical community - Kyle knew he had to help make this technology available to others.

OsteoStrong exists to deliver the highest level of physical freedom to people around the world by leveraging new scientific discoveries. With the support of Tony Robbins - himself a user of OsteoStrong technology - Kyle now works to bring knowledge of the best biohacks to you.

Kyle lives and serves his life's mission of helping others from his home in Brentwood, Tennessee along with his wife and three sons. Obsessed with finding the best strategies to improve health, life and business, Kyle now hosts the UnbreakableMe podcast. To listen, visit

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735224800
ISBN-10: 1735224804
Publisher: Osteostrong Franchising, Inc
Publication Date: September 21st, 2020
Pages: 178
Language: English