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Amount To What Counts (Large Print / Hardcover)

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Unforeseen and sorrowful circumstances brought Master Carlbury to 23 Rhuidrock House to stay with his Aunt Bea and her husband until he could establish himself as a young man of means.

In earnest, Master Carlbury did employ every effort to secure his fortune, but was found wanting in areas where it counted. Master Carlbury employing every effort in his aspirations - in truth, and to the fault of lacking boundaries - did encompass avenues and aims that were questionable.

Daily, it was impressed upon him that as he sought to construct his future, to build up a reputable character. He was counseled to ensure that all his ventures were void of skullduggery and cemented with integrity, to be of service to others on occasion, to avoid shortcuts, to be humble and not hifalutin. Master Carlbury was lectured and cautioned constantly to strengthen his convictions, and not display a sense of expertise or entitlement that surpassed the reality of his experience, intelligence and station, highlighting himself as a fraudulent, supercilious and vainglorious person.

These are the penned verses that endeavored to shepherd the one and only, Master Carlbury.

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ISBN: 9781736870242
ISBN-10: 1736870246
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Quill Ink Parchment Publish
Publication Date: August 28th, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English