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Ozzy Man's Mad World: A Collection of the Greatest WTF Moments on Earth (So Far) (Paperback)

Ozzy Man's Mad World: A Collection of the Greatest WTF Moments on Earth (So Far) Cover Image
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Meet Ozzy Man. He loves his sport, he loves his wildlife, he loves strange things on the internet, and he's obsessed with Game of Thrones. The foul language in his YouTube videos may make some viewers blush, but to his legion of fans, his commentary is deep, profound and full of wisdom. Ozzy Man's Mad World is a literary exploration of his favorite moments on Earth so far-or at least the ones he's managed to critique. Part nature book, part sports book, part news-and-viral-entertainment book, this is Ozzy Man's take on living in a mad world. Relive the best of Ozzy Man Reviews from his first three years of hard yakka (a.k.a. taking the p*ss). And once you've made it to the end, you can brush up on your vocabulary with Ozzy Man's hand-picked glossary of Australian words and phrases. Yeah nah, this is a must-have book to flick through on the dunny.

About the Author

Ozzy Man Reviews started a YouTube channel and Facebook page in April of 2014. He had no long-term goals, no savings, no girlfriend, and no proper direction in life overall. He was so incredibly hopeless he didn't even cook his 2-minute noodles. He would eat them dry with the beef or chicken or shrimp flavor sprinkled on top (this gourmet meal is best served with a fucken tawny port or beer). He eventually bloody graduated with a master's degree in Internet Communications. He still has no long-term goals, but he does have some savings and a wife now.

Praise For…

"Ozzy Man always finds a way to spice up the banal, put some panache into the otherwise monotonous and regularly rouse your spirits over something stupid." —Bam Margera

Product Details
ISBN: 9781760631185
ISBN-10: 1760631183
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication Date: November 1st, 2018
Pages: 168
Language: English