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Lulu’s Crochet Dolls: 8 adorable dolls and accessories to crochet (Paperback)

Lulu’s Crochet Dolls: 8 adorable dolls and accessories to crochet By Lulu Compotine Cover Image
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Enter the whimsical world of Lulu Compotine's crocheted companions and bring her 8 enchanting dolls and their adorable animal friends to life!

Lulu's Crochet Dolls takes readers on a creative journey through the seasons. Written by Sandra Muller under the pseudonym Lulu Compotine, the book features a collection of 8 charming crochet dolls, between 7 and 12 inches in height and in an increasing order of difficulty over the seasons: from the joyful strawberry-and-flower picking adventures of Caroline and Charlotte in Springtime to the festive fun had by Celia and Zoé in Winter, the dolls come to life with intricate crochet patterns and imaginative narratives.

These endearing characters, each with unique outfits and accessories, are also accompanied by a lovable crew of animal friends, including a dainty ladybird, a friendly squirrel, a loveable cat and a mischievous mouse. Those new to crochet will especially enjoy the thoughtful layout:

  • Details of the equipment needed
  • The basics of crochet to know with the step-by-step diagrams of the different stitches: magic circle, chain stitch, slip stitch, double crochet, increase, decrease...
  • Her technical advice and pro tips for crocheting a spiral, creating a face, assembling an amigurumi...
  • Step-by-step photos for each model.

In addition to the patterns, the book provides valuable technical recommendations. Sandra shares her preferred crochet hooks and yarn choices, providing options for customization. The importance of proper assembly is also emphasized, to create durable and visually appealing dolls.

Dive into this enchanting crochet world, where Lulu's dolls and their delightful animal friends await your creative touch!

About the Author

Behind Lulu Compotine is Sandra Muller!
Sandra established Lulu Compotine in 2018 after initially learning to knit clothes for her children. She then stumbled upon the wonderful realm of amigurumi – vibrant, crocheted cuddly toys! Consequently, her first charming crochet Owl came to life.

Since then, not a day has passed without Sandra taking up her crochet hook! Gradually, character dolls have taken precedence over animals, as she relishes the process of crafting garments and accessories, reminiscent of her childhood spent playing with dolls.
Sandra showcases her work on social media and provides patterns on Etsy, enabling enthusiasts to embark on their own journey of crocheting delightful cuddly toys and dolls.
Instagram: @luciennecompotine


Praise For…

Publishers Weekly
The quaint debut from Compotine, a pen name for crafter Sandra Muller, shows how to crochet small, seasonally themed dolls. The amigurumi-style figures are around eight inches tall and simple to make, largely worked in the round with minimalist faces consisting of black embroidered stitches for eyes and no noses or mouths. Each doll is outfitted in garments and accompanied by accessories corresponding to one of the seasons. For instance, Charlotte wears a spring dress and comes with a ladybug and basket of strawberries made with double crochet stitches, while Louis wears overalls for fall and is accompanied by an orange squirrel and kite comprised of chain stitches. The reliance on chain and double stitches provides a low barrier of entry for novices, and even the most advanced projects (one doll’s curly pigtails require a mix of treble, half treble, slip, and double stitches) are only moderately difficult. Compotine includes helpful tips, noting, for example, that readers can insert pipe cleaner in the dolls’ necks to give their heads more stability. The cute designs are hard to resist, and beginners will appreciate the detailed instructions on how to fasten off, weave in ends, change yarn colors, and execute other basic techniques. Crafters will be charmed. 

Booklist (American Library Assoc)
French crocheter Compotine (a pseudonym for author Sandra Muller) presents dolls Charlotte, Caroline, Agatha, Arthur, Leonie, Louis, Celia, and Zoé, and their mostly interchangeable and gender-neutral accessories, like briefcases, watering cans, and cups for cocoa. Compotine fills amigurumi-makers' dreams with these eminently playable, cuddly creations, all under a foot tall and dressed for four different seasons. Intricate color photographs, charts, and written directions accompanying every distinct doll segment, from heads and torsos to legs and arms, clothing details, and the additional accessories (these latter items are usually more complicated than the dolls). Expect long hours, small hooks, and a great deal of pleasure in gifting these. The author provides a list of yarns used, some of which are U.S.-made, all of which are available for purchase online. — Barbara Jacobs

Product Details
ISBN: 9781800921689
ISBN-10: 1800921683
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2024
Pages: 112
Language: English