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Tenkara & Bamboo: The Fisherman and the Tenkara - The Art of Fishing with the Ancient Japanese Fly Fishing Technique (Paperback)

Tenkara & Bamboo: The Fisherman and the Tenkara - The Art of Fishing with the Ancient Japanese Fly Fishing Technique By Lelio Zeloni, Edoardo Zeloni Magelli (Preface by) Cover Image
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Dear Fellow Fisherman,

Are you ready for a new beautiful and fascinating journey to discover Tenkara?

The term tenkara refers to the ancient Japanese fly-fishing technique that originated to catch trout and char found in mountain streams in Japan. It was not practiced for sport or pastime as we do in our time, but was a survival fishery that served to feed villagers. It was not until the 1960s that tenkara began to become a pastime.

But to refer to tenkara only as a simple and trivial fly-fishing technique would be very reductive and wrong. The philosophy of tenkara preserves and honors many of the values and skills that the mountain professionals, such as the Shokuryoshi, Kijishi, and Matagi, had.

Fishermen handed down from father to son the secrets that experience had taught them, and I want to do the same thing with this book, to pass on to you everything I know, so that these ancient secrets, are available and usable for you as well.

Thanks to this book you will know:

  • The various techniques of fly fishing
  • The history of Tenkara and its philosophy
  • La Valsesiana, the centuries-old fly fishing technique of Valsesia
  • The choice of the rod and all its components
  • How to prepare the line and cast the fly into the water
  • Aquatic and terrestrial insects useful for fly fishing
  • How to approach the watercourse in the right way for profitable fishing
  • Tips for self-building rods and flies
  • The various tricks for not being seen by fish and catching them

I am sure you will be passionate about this fascinating technique, just as I was.

By following the advice you will find in this book, you will become a good tenkara fisherman in no time, even if you start from scratch and have never fished in your life, because I have tried to transfer all my experience into this book.

I will also describe the techniques I practiced before tenkara, and in each of them there is advice, a message that will help you improve. It will be as if you experienced them firsthand. But the most important thing will be that you will have a great time and look forward to going fishing again.

So now, are you ready to begin this beautiful and fascinating new journey?

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Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 126
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