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Hacking: 3 Books in 1 (Paperback)

Hacking: 3 Books in 1 By Alex Wagner Cover Image
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This book will focus on some of the most dangerous hacker tools that are favourite of both, White Hat and Black Hat hackers.

If you attempt to use any of the tools discussed in this book on a network without being authorized and you disturb or damage any systems, that would be considered illegal black hat hacking. So, I would like to encourage all readers to deploy any tool described in this book for WHITE HAT USE ONLY.

The focus of this book will be to introduce some of the best well known software that you can use for free of charge, furthermore where to find them, how to access them, and finally in every chapter you will find demonstrated examples step-by-step.

There are many step by step deployment guides on how to plan a successful penetration test and examples on how to manipulate or misdirect trusted employees using social engineering.



How to Install Kali Linux & TOR
How to use BurpSuite for various attacks
SSL & CMS Scanning Techniques
Port Scanning & Network Sniffing
How to Configure SPAN
How to implement SYN Scan Attack
How to Brute Force with Hydra
How to use Low Orbit ion Cannon
How to use Netcat, Meterpreter, Armitage, SET
How to deploy Spear Phishing & PowerShell Attack
How to deploy various Wireless Hacking Attacks
How to use Deep Magic, Recon-ng, HTTrack, Weevely, H-ping_3, EtterCAP, Xplico, Scapy, Parasite6, The Metasploit Framework, Credential Harvester and MANY MORE KALI LINUX HACKING TOOLS...
Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Spear Phishing and Whaling
The history of social engineering
Psychological manipulation
Human Weaknesses
Social Engineering Categories
Cold Call Virus Scams
Authority & Fear Establishment
Executing the Social Engineering Attack
Signifying Legitimacy by Providing Value
Open-Source Intelligence
Organizational Reconnaissance
Identifying Targets Within an Organization
In-person social engineering techniques
Dumpster Diving & Data Breaches
Phishing Page Types
Filter Evasion Techniques
How to use PhishTank and Phish5
Identity Theft and Impersonation
Social Engineering Countermeasures
Paper & Digital Record Destruction
Physical Security Measures
Principle of Least Privilege
2FA & Side Channel ID Verification
Logging & Monitoring
How to respond to an Attack
Tips to Avoid Being a Victim
What is The OSI Model
What are Zone Based Firewalls
Firewall Behavior and TCP State Table
Network Address Translation
Port Address Translation
Demilitarized Zone
TCP & UDP Traffic on Firewalls
Client Connection Process
System Intrusion Indicators
Indicators of Network Intrusion
Anomalous Behaviour
Firewall Implementations & Architectures
Packet Filtering Firewalls
Circuit-level Gateway
Application Firewalls
Stateful Firewalls
Next-Gen Firewalls
Detecting Firewalls
IP address spoofing
Source Routing
Tiny fragment attack
Evasion Tools
Intrusion Detection Systems
Signature-based IDS
Statistical Anomaly-based IDS
Network-Based IDS
Host Intrusion Detection System
Evasion by Confusion
Fragmentation attack
Overlapping Fragments Attack
Time-to-Live attack
DoS Attack & Flooding Attack
IDS weakness Detection
Honeypot Types & Honeypot Detection


Product Details
ISBN: 9781839381188
ISBN-10: 1839381183
Publisher: Sabi Shepherd Ltd
Publication Date: August 15th, 2019
Pages: 716
Language: English
Series: 3 Books in 1